5 Reasons Why You Need to Create an E-Book for Your Business - & How to Start Today!


Almost three years ago I created my first E-book, HIIT To Invert, a yoga inspired high intensity interval training (HIIT) program that helped build strength for handstands. It was a long time dream of mine and the first thing I ever sold online. Little did I know that this digital product would end up replacing the income I made from my corporate job, pave the way for countless opportunities for me and my online business and allow me the freedom to pursue my passion full time.

I have since branched off a bit from the yoga and fitness world and tapped into helping other women monetize their passion and build intentional online businesses that allow them to live a life of freedom.

Yes, I am obsessed AF with my job.

In discussing with my clients ways to grow their business online, creating an E-Book always comes up. As it should.

E-Books are a cost effective way to add more value to your community by packaging problem-solving snippets of your knowledge and expertise and delivering it directly to audience in a digestible format giving them more of the value added content they love.

It’s also really fun to wake up and see that you sold 5 books to people in other parts of the world while you were sleeping. #hereforit

Here’s why 5 reasons why you need to create an E-Book, like…yesterday.

1. People need (and want) what you have to offer!

You have knowledge that other people need. Why the heck wouldn’t you share it? Especially if you have the audience. And no, you don’t need 30k to have an audience, you can still be successful with 1,000 (or less). Feeling like the good ideas have already been taken? Doesn’t matter. Find your niche and your own unique way to structure the content, and the people that get down with it will come. *PS: there are no NEW niches, just new ways of doing it. My students in my Passion to Profitable Niche course learned that first hand.

*Pro-Tip: One way to identify your unique expertise TODAY is to make a list of your own challenges, and how you overcame them, as well as your experiences and how they impacted your life. From this list you will have a ton of different ideas for captions and blog posts, but when considering your E-Book topic, look for the ones that overlap with what you’re passionate about. Take my first E-Book for example - I thought learning how to handstand was impossible. But by combining yoga, HIIT and a lot of practice, I accomplished my goal which left me feeling empowered and unstoppable, a feeling that translated into all areas of my life. I wanted others to have this same feeling and THAT my friends, is where the idea for Hiit To Invert was born.

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2. E-Books are a great way to grow your email list.

I used to be sleeping on Email lists, but over the past few months I have seen how crucial they are if you want to build a sustainable business online. Especially with how saturated Instagram is. Why? Because it’s a great way to talk directly to a chunk of your tribe who have basically raised their hand and said, “Hey girl! I dig what you’re doing. More please!”

To grow your list, offer an E-Book as a freebie. If it specifically relates to one of your higher priced offers, then you’ll know the list of people who downloaded the freebie is also a list of people raising their hands to say, “Hey! I am potentially willing to pay for what you’re offering!”

3. E-Books are extremely cost effective to make.

They are FREE to create if you use a platform such as Canva (love me some Canva). All you’ll end up investing in to bring your masterpiece to life, is a one time fee for photos (if you decide to use a photographer) + a monthly fee (under $30) to host your E-Book on a platform such as Shopify or Send Owl. Hello amazing profit margins.

Pro-tip: Get sponsors for your E-Book if you want to get some sweet, free gear to sport in your photos! We talk all about sponsors and how to make some serious cash flow from digital products in my online course “Niche to Digital Product”. Check it out if you want to create a product and start generating some income for your business in 30 days or less.

4. You Probably already have the content written for you.

All workouts you’ve created and shared on instagram? All those vegan recipes? All your genius tips on how to start a blog? That’s your E-Book! How can you take what people are already loving and add even MORE value to it?

I created an E-Book on how to pitch and land brand deals after having numerous conversations with my private clients and learning of their struggles. I already had a ton of different examples I had personally used over the years but I knew it would be more beneficial if they could see it visually. So, I rounded up the conversations, built some templates and added in some of my other tips and tricks and bam! E-Book was created and my clients were super happy.

Even if you don’t have much content right now, dive back into your interests and experiences and consider if you were to create a product, what would it be? Then, start creating the content on your instagram based on your intention to release a product (this is called ‘priming your audience’ and it is SUPER important - so important that I included it in Module 1 of my online E-course all about creating a successful E-Book).

5. You’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to grow your business.

And I’m not just talking about money in the bank. I’m talking about significantly growing your community on social media and reaching more people that NEED your help. When someone purchases and implements your E-Book into their life, they are likely going to share how awesome it is on Instagram or with their friends IRL. This drives more traffic to your website, blog or social media account and you have a prime opportunity to form new connections, attract new clients and change more lives. My social media presence more than doubled after creating my first E-book and my only regret is that I waited so long to create more. I don’t want that for YOU which is why i am encouraging you to START NOW.

All in all, if you aren’t creating digital products and E-Books within your business, you need to GET ON IT. Not sure where to start? I have a course that will teach you how to organize, design, market and launch an E-Book in 30 days. You can grab it here. There’s also a sneaky discount for ya (this week only) + some additional Bonuses you can read about at the bottom. See you inside and happy creating!