6 Tips To Ditch the Overwhelm and Start Taking Action on Your Dreams


A couple of weeks ago, I slapped a question box up on my Instagram stories, asking you to share your biggest obstacles when it comes to chasing your dreams and following through on your big ideas. SO many of you replied with: “Starting.” or “Having too many ideas/interests”.

I wish I could say I was surprised - but I wasn’t. Starting is scary AF and being overwhelmed by so many ideas is normal!

I spent years letting my self limiting beliefs keep me from taking action and I don’t want that for you. SO in an effort to keep that from happening, here’s a few tips (based on my personal experience) that will hopefully help you ditch the fear and start taking action - TODAY.

Photo by:  @juliafayphoto

Photo by: @juliafayphoto

Let’s start with what to do if you “have too many ideas”…


I know what you’re thinking, here we go again with this ‘Niche’ stuff. But this is without a doubt the most important thing you can do early on, for a lot fo reasons, but ESPECIALLY if you’re overwhelmed by too many ideas. Think about it, you don’t leave your house and get in your car without having somewhere to go, right? Same thing goes with your new idea or business. Before you start, you have to know what the heck you’re starting.

How do you do this?

  • Brain dump - write down all of your ideas.

  • Take into consideration your knowledge, experience and personal interests as well.

  • Ask yourself: what problem am I aiming to solve?

  • Market Research - Google is your friend. See if anyone else out there is doing what you’re doing. No worries if they are, just figure out how you can do it different or even better.

  • As you start narrowing down your ideas, ask your family, friends, or your existing audience (IG story Poles FTW) what they think of your idea. Be careful when choosing these people, don’t seek out the haters that might discourage you from going after what you want.

  • Meet yourself where you’re at - Someday you may be able to juggle multiple projects but when you’re just starting out, and you’re training your brain to follow through on ideas, I think it’s best to start with something easy that won’t lead to too much resistance.

  • Know that it doesn’t mean you’re tied to this niche forever (more on that later) and you can pivot at any point. This is about figuring out what idea works best TODAY so you can START taking action. Then, once you get some momentum under your belt, you’ll be able to feel it out and maybe even take on some other, perhaps even larger, projects.

One of my favorite quotes is “start where you are with what you have”.

*If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, I have a 7 day online course that dives deep into this process. You can access the course HERE. It’s self paced, cheap, and PACKED with value, so you can move through it on your own time and get results.


After you have your NICHE. You need to build a plan around it. Don’t just up and quit your job tomorrow because that’s just unrealistic and irresponsible. No one can create from a place of fear and scarcity. Having a plan will help keep you focused, and in alignment while working towards your dreams. Make your goals quantifiable and measurable, so you can track your progress.

Tips for planning AFTER you have your NICHE:

  • Who’s your ideal client and how are you going to attract them? Instagram? Pinterest? Website? All of the above?

  • What’s your end goal? How are you going to make money so you can take this dream full time (if that’s what you want)? Create a product to sell? Offer a service?

  • Figure out what time you’re going to work on your passion project while still working your other job - Weekends? Nights?

  • Hire a consultant in your field or finding a mentor to help you map out a plan. *Shameless Plug: I offer 1:1 coaching services for bloggers, fitness professionals, freelancers, and social media influencers! Reach out HERE for more info.

  • Take a look at your finances and build yourself a budget. If you want to go full time on your dreams someday, then the faster you start saving, the sooner you can make that happen.

*PRO TIP: If you get to a point where things are growing and you feel ready to go “all in” and quit your corporate job so you have more time to work on your side business, consider looking into jobs that have flexible hours. Bartending (work at night so you free up your days to work on your business), Nannying (work on your business while the kids are at school, Freelance gigs (upwork.com is a great website to find gigs). Highly recommend finding a side hustle that is in line with your niche, that way you are ganging new knowledge that you can apply to your passion project, while making money to eat and drink kombucha and all that good stuff. Ya dig?


With a plan comes not obsessing over the plan. Things will change and evolve as you change and evolve. A good analogy is to imagine a tree. There’s the trunk (your plan), the top of the tree with it’s greenery and leaves (your end goal) and then the branches (things that happen along the way to get to the end goal). You can venture off onto a branch and then find your way back to the trunk. The tree has seasons just like your business will. Embrace it all. It’ll make the journey a lot more enjoyable.


This, in my opinion, is one of the best things you can do. When we accept that fear and uncertainty is going to show up every now and then, it makes it a lot less stressful. If you’re scared that means it’s important to you. If it was easy, then everyone would do it. And I mean, I don’t know about you but I would rather try and fail, then never try and live with regret and ‘What if?’ for the rest of my life. And I’d be willing to bet that if you feel the same way.

Note: If you aren’t okay with uncertainty, hard work and the unknown, then this might not be the business for you.


Forget about needing the perfect website, a ton of followers on social media, professional pictures, blah blah….You don’t NEED it. Sure, it’s nice to have all of these things, and you’ll get there. Good things take time to build and and if you wait to start until everything is perfect, you’ll be waiting a very, very long time. Perhaps forever. When I pivoted in my business late last year and launched my 1:1 Coaching program, all I did was throw a post up on my Instagram feed and talked about it in my IG Stories. I attracted my first 6 clients from that post and have never looked back. Now I am using my experience with those clients to make changes to my program and my offers so I can better serve. Had I never started though, I wouldn’t have the experience I needed to grow.


The reason so many people never take action is because they don’t think they’re good enough, legit enough and SO many people just overthink everything when the reality is - YOU KNOW SHIT! And the knowledge you have is valuable. Sure, there may be someone else that knows more than you but so what! There’s room for everyone a the table. So get out of your own way and go after what you want.

Make a declaration in the comments below that you are going to commit to the process and start taking action on your dreams.

Always rooting you on,


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