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Working with Heather was amazing! She really helped me think outside the box and come out of my shell when creating my yoga events. She talks to you as a friend and genuinely cares about you, your life, and the impact you make. Looking forward to future sessions and continuing on as a loyal client!
— Kelsey
I was in a place months ago where the list of projects I wanted to finish was longer than ever. I felt stuck, uninspired and worst of all, alone. It was during that time I saw that Heather was opening up some of her first slots for Breakthrough calls. I couldn’t click through fast enough to get a spot! I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed help and there was something about her energy that felt like magic. From the very first call, I felt hopeful and excited. I felt like I had a plan. Week after week, our calls pushed me forward. Heather has a natural way of being enthusiastic and motivating, and her thought provoking questions kept me honest about where I was holding back and why. Her approach is a powerful blend of honesty and care with a good helping of the real talk needed to stop hiding and start living BIG. At the end of the 12 weeks with Heather, I have a finished book to publish, workshops I am currently promoting, and project plans for the next year. She was the recharge of energy and belief that I so needed. I am beyond grateful!
— Natalie M.
Over the course of the 12 weeks I worked with Heather I created my first product to sell online, launched my new website/blog and doubled my income. I didn’t know so much was possible until working with her. I came into the program really burnt out and negative. I had little confidence when we started but I left with a lot. She’s funny and kind, but means business. She will push you to your limits because she believes in what you can create. I am so grateful to have worked with her. I feel unstoppable.
— Jessica C.
I am so grateful for connecting with this woman. I followed her for years on Instagram and I knew she was someone that could help me reach my goals. And I was right. Being a yoga teacher is my passion but it isn’t the most lucrative. I wanted to create a well rounded business and be able to offer more to my students but for some reason, thought all of my ideas weren’t “good enough”. In the 12 weeks I worked with Heather she helped me break through those self limiting beliefs, launch a yoga program(!!), host 2 workshops (that turned into long term studio partnerships!) and establish a brand for my business on social media.
I am excited to continue working with her and grow my business even more.
— Alexandra